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Announcing the area’s first hearing aid subscription program

This exciting new program includes:

  • Tech upgrades every three years
  • 36 low monthly payments
  • No down payments and no hidden fees
  • 3-year repair warranty

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At Gulf Coast Audiology, our hearing health professionals are here to help enrich your life with all the sounds the world has to offer. Services we provide include hearing tests; hearing aid selection, fitting and programming; audiologic rehabilitation and counseling/education for patients and their families. By utilizing comprehensive hearing evaluations, we work to find the best hearing solution for you. Our staff is trained in the latest hearing technology and offers a state-of-the-art hearing aid selection. In addition, we offer personalized follow-up care to ensure that you remain satisfied with your hearing.


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Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. Extended exposure to sounds over 85 dB (the volume of heavy city traffic, a garbage disposal or a carwash) can cause hearing damage. Wearing protective hearing devices such as earmolds can ensure your ears are safe.


Audiology evaluations consist of a series of tests used to determine whether hearing loss is present and, if so, measure its type, degree, configuration and underlying cause. An audiologist will assess the results of each test in order to develop a treatment plan geared toward your unique condition.


Once your hearing loss has been assessed and diagnosed, you will work with your audiologist to choose the perfect pair of hearing devices for your needs. Once you’ve determined which hearing aids are right for you, it is time to order your devices, which will be custom created for your ears.